Monday, August 8, 2011

Family Day

Yesterday was a perfect day, the wheather was nice (somewhat), All the stores were open which is rare for Sundays and Haylie was in a good mood so we decided to take a stroll into town. We started off having a nice breakfast at a local bagel shop then from there we did some walking/sight seeing and some shoe shopping for Haylie. I was surprised that John was such a trooper for all the browsing/shopping we did but he went with the flow as we all were having a nice time. After looking through almost all of the citys shoe stores we finally found a little pair of pink Converse for her. They are oh so cute and will go perfectly with all her pink outfits. :) From there we decided to get a drink at little cafe and grab some dinner. John suggested Mexican but from our first experience having Mexican here, we found out Europe is NOT the place to eat that type of food but we tried out a new place anyways. It wasnt bad, wasnt good but its as good as I think we will get til we return home. All in all, we had a great time and were happy to finally get out of the house to some nice wheather minus the wind chill. I forgot my camera at home so I leave you all with some pics of Haylies new shoes and another baby bump pic of me at 18 weeks. I havent changed much in 2 weeks but mainly for the record. Enjoy

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