Friday, July 29, 2011

16 weeks down

I was super anxious to finally get to see our little baby again, so we made a appointment for an ultrasound at 16 weeks and again at 20 weeks. We went in today for my 16 week appointment and Im so glad we did. It reassured me she is well and healthy and is growing perfectly. I was hopeing to have the tech tell us she is forsure a girl but that didnt happen. I guess they wont tell patients til the 20 week appointment. 4 more weeks to wait. John was saying "you know its a girl, so whats the big deal" which Im pretty sure hes right as all Ive been eating lately is fruit and candy and at my early 13 week ultrasound the tech saw the girly parts but until the techs are 99% positive its a girl Ill still be wondering. I never thought I could love another child as much as we love Haylie, but I was so wrong, Ive fallen in love all over again. She is such a precious miracle and we cant wait for her to brighten our lives even more than they are now. Here I am at 16 weeks and here she is growing perfectly. Keep on keeping on baby girl :)

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  1. Yes keep on baby girl!!!!!! Sweet baby! How fun you had your appointment. I heard your love grows with every child. That's awesome you are bonding already. It took me a while to bond with my belly. It was almost like I didn't believe it was really there lol.

    - Sarah